Relative humidity in your indoor garden

What is Relative Humidity? Humidity is a term used to describe the concentration of water in the air. Warmer air can hold more water vapor; the maximum amount of water that air can hold is contingent upon the temperature of the air; the warmer the air the greater amount of water vapor that can be held.  The capacity of water that the air can hold changes with temperature.  The temperature also influences the volume of water that the air can … Continue Reading

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Co2 and its role in your garden


How and why Co2 is important to plant growth Any discussion about atmosphere would be incomplete without talking about CO2 and its crucial role in plant growth.  In nutshell plants use light, water, Co2, and nutrients to make energy for plant growth. This process is called Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis relies on the presence of Co2 and water with radiant energy and chlorophyll. The output is carbohydrates and oxygen. This is the simple version, as the process of photosynthesis is very complex.  … Continue Reading