The least toxic pest and disease control sprays

When looking at spray options in relation to pest management, it is important to look at what you are trying to achieve.  If you are growing fruits, vegetables, or greens; the least “toxic” approach is always best.  Over the years a number of products have been developed to combat the various pests in the garden, with some having more successful than others.  With all the choices these days on the shelf, here is a breakdown of some of the least … Continue Reading

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Reducing Aphid Infestation

Aphids are soft-bodied insects that use their piercing sucking mouthparts to feed on plant sap. They usually occur in colonies on the undersides of tender terminal growth. Heavily-infested leaves can wilt or turn yellow because of excessive sap removal. While the plant may look bad, aphid feeding generally will not seriously harm healthy, established trees and shrubs. However, some plants are very sensitive to feeding by certain aphid species. Saliva injected into plants by these aphids may cause leaves to … Continue Reading

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What are my late term options for fighting garden pests?

What are my late term options for fighting garden pests? One of the most common problems we talk with folks about is fighting garden pests late into the plant’s life-cycle.  As it gets later in the season, what options are available to the gardener?  First, I can’t go any further without saying, that prevention is the key to avoiding any sort of issue.  Preventative spraying during the vegetative cycle, and continuing into the beginning of the fruiting/flowering phase is one … Continue Reading

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