Triacontanol Increases Yields

Want to increase yields and fruit and flower quality? Then look for products containing tricantonal. Triacontanol is a fatty alcohol also known as melissyl alcohol or myricyl alcohol found in plant cuticle waxes, in beeswax, or in alfalfa meal. Triacontanol stimulates faster growth rates in plants by rapidly increasing the number of basal breaks in the plant. It improves plant growth in almost every aspect of the plant, and it helps promote better root growth, increases fruit and flower size, increases quality and yield of fruits and flowers and improves respiration and photosynthetic activity within the plant. Triacontanol is an active ingredient in may flower enhancement products.

Some products that contain triacontanol are Super Thrive, GreenPlanet Nutrient’s Massive and W-8, Advanced Nutrient’s Nirvana, as well as Down to Earth’s Alfalfa Meal. Alfalfa meal and can be directly amended to your soil or brewed as a tea. If you want to make an alfalfa tea, use two cups of alfalfa meal to 2.5 gallons of water. Steep the alfalfa meal for 2 to 3 days and water in with your nutrients or add it to your other biological and fungal teas. Alfalfa tea and triacontanol in general is more effective used as a foliar spray. While it can be watered in to the root system, you get a lot more miles using it as a foliar application.

Things to consider when using any nutrient — don’t overdo it. You may be thinking, “I want to use as much of this stuff as possible”, but too much of anything is a bad thing. When using products that contain triacontanol, use the recommended dosage and trust that the company knows their product and dosage rate. Step up your gardening game with tricantonal products and see the results!

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