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Ehydroponics' 1000 Watt Galaxy Grow Amp Air-Cooled/Double-Ended Grow Light Package

This complete indoor lighting package features extremely efficient double ended lighting technology together with the one of a kind Sun System AC/DE reflector and the premium high frequency Galaxy Grow Amp Turbo 1000 watt digital ballast. Offering more energy the plant can use versus traditional HPS systems and incredible durability over time double ended lighting systems represent the most efficient and smartest choice for even the small scale gardener. You can feel safe hanging your new premium lighting system with our own heavy weight light hangers.

Sun System AC/DE Double Ended Lamp Air Cooled 8 Inch

The AC/DE 8" Double Ended Air-Cooled Reflector made specifically for double ended 1000 watt HPS horticulture lamps.

The AC/DE’s patent pending design allows removal of heat generated by the lamp without cooling the lamp below proper operating temperature. 95% reflective textured German aluminum interior with 98% reflective "Silver" corner inserts offer excellent uniformity, output and diffusion. Galvanized steel housing with durable powder coated finish.‘ Manufactured with exacting standards and double neoprene gaskets for an air tight seal.’ Hinged glass makes changing lamp and cleaning glass easy.“ Detachable 15’ lamp cord at the reflector and at ballast.

Unique double ended construction allows for maximum optical efficiency and uniformity. Full spectrum DE lamps used in this fixture focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. They offer improved PAR values and increased PAR/lumen maintenance (up to 90% PAR at 10,000 hours of operation).

5 year warranty.

Galaxy® Grow Amp Select-A-Watt 400/600/1000 Turbo Charge Digital Ballast

The Galaxy® Grow Amp Select-A-Watt Ballasts from Sun System® is the new update to the older style Galaxy® - which was consistently our most reliable and brightest grow light ballast. The new generation of Grow Amp electronic ballasts boast an improved design for less heat, even better efficiency, and several feature upgrades that will provide any indoor grower with maximum flexibility and the performance we demand!

The Galaxy® Grow Amp is a dimmable ballast allowing the system to operate at more than one wattage changing the intensity of the garden light without having to switch out your grow bulb or ballast. Sun System® has incorporated the staggered low current starting feature that keeps your Galaxy® Grow Amp ballasts from all turning at the same time when running more than one unit on a circuit. The Galaxy low voltage ignition is more gentle on the lamp at startup which reduces arc tube wall blackening; resulting in a longer more stable HID lamp life.

Galaxy® Grow Amp ballasts feature the industry’s lowest RFI broadband emissions. The Galaxy® brand name carries a strong reputation of reliability and performance. Galaxy® Grow Amp™ ballasts come pre-wired with a Sun System® lamp cord receptacle. They are compatible with all Sun System® branded reflectors.

  • ETL listed ballasts
  • Soft start feature (easier on the lamp)
  • Lightweight
  • 3 year warranty
  • Incredibly efficient

Ushio AHS DE1000 Watt Opti-Red Double Ended HPS Lamp

The Ushio Double Ended Enhanced Performance HPS Lamp is intended to be used with the Gavita 1000w HPS Pro series (or any 1000w HPS double ended) fixture and a high frequency ballast.

It features specifically designed red and blue spectral ratios for fantastic photosynthetic activity. Great lumen output and high PAR values, the most measured for the watts used. Growers who use these bulbs are reporting more robust plants due to the increased availablility of blue light output and the enhanced light spectrum from this HPS lamp. Increased red light also encourages flowering hormones resulting in bigger, better, blooms.

This is a very economic lamp offering long average life (90% efficiency after 2 years), high lumen and PAR output with minimal energy wasted. Tubular low profile design for compact fixtures reduces shadowing and improves reflective effect.

The jacket of this double ended lamp is made from quartz glass. Do not handle with bare hands. Oil from your hands can damage the lamp.

GUI Ratchet Master Heavy Weight Hanger Pair Rope Ratchet

GUI Ratchet Master Heavy Weight Hangers allow you to hang large and heavy items, like reflectors or filters, securely and adjust their height quickly and easily. 

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