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Harvest More Trim Bin

The TrimBin by Harvest-More is the premier trim tray on the market. Sturdy and ergonomically designed, the Trim Bin allows for stress-free trimming sessions and high yields. Trim Bin is easy to carry and simple to clean and will keep your scene organized and efficient.

The Trim Bin trim tray by Harvest-More is super well made and features an ergonomic design that makes trim work more enjoyable. Harvest More has designed an effective and high-functioning trim tray system that does not sacrifice comfort and good health wherein the functionality of tasks is compatible with human well being.

Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the twin goals of well being and productivity. Tasks that involve repetitive motion can be detrimental to one’s health and posture. To prevent repetitive stress injury it is important to utilize ergonomically sound equipment and tools.

  • 1 top bin with 150 micron interchangeable stainless steel screen
  • 1 bottom bin with mirror finish collection tray
  • High molded walls keep your work contained
  • 1 static brush by Harvest More to sweep up pollen
  • Trim Bin is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Easy to clean - Easy to carry
  • Engineered design for optimum ergonomics and comfort
  • Wide, rounded edges to prevent wrist pain
  • High walls for a clean and organized work space
  • 150 Micron stainless steel screen
  • Mirror finish collection tray and Static Brush
  • Heavy duty construction for season after season of use
  • Trim Bin is made in California
  • Reduce stress injuries and increase productivity
  • Instantly user friendly
  • Move away from the table for ultimate relaxation
  • Turn any chair or couch into a comfortable workstation
  • Easy setup and clean up
  • Stackable design allows for easy storage

  • Set up your work station in a well lit area
  • Place TrimBin close to body to minimize your reach
  • Allow your shoulders to be in a relaxed position
  • Keep your forearms level with the floor
  • Keep your wrists straight
  • Take regular breaks and stretch
  • Use quality scissors

Cleaning Instructions:

The Top and Bottom Bins can both easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol liberally to a soft cloth and wipe the bin until it is clean, then rinse with fresh water and let air dry.

To clean the stainless steel screen in the Top Bin use isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a semi-stiff nylon bristle brush. Apply rubbing alcohol to the screen with a soft cloth or spray bottle, then lightly brush the screen from the top with a nylon brush. Repeat until the screen is clean and then flush with fresh clean water and air dry.

Alternate method of cleaning screen: Place Top Bin in freezer for 15 Minutes, remove and immediately brush the top of the screen lightly with a semi-stiff nylon bristle brush.

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