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Manufacturer: BlueLab
Part Number: BLU2300E
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The Bluelab Combo Meter is a conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one. It comes with a pH probe and conductivity and temperature probe, which are simply placed into the solution and the selected reading is displayed on screen. The Bluelab Combo Meter is portable and does not require a power supply. Calibration of the pH is very easy, using the push buttons on the meter and fresh Bluelab calibration solutions. Conductivity and temperature do not need to be calibrated as this is locked in during manufacture. Select display options for C or F and EC, CF or ppm.

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  Jan 28, 2014
By Anonymous.  
awesome   Aug 17, 2012
By Brent Z.   (California)
used to own a Hanna, I think this one is more accurate.
great!   Aug 17, 2012
By Anonymous.  
really like my Combo meter. The probe lets me stand up while taking a reading, my back loves that feature.
Works Great   Aug 9, 2012
By Doug W.   (Oregon)
I'm impressed by the sturdy build and the dependable readings.

Be nice for my hydroponic grow to have the probe combined. Then you get 5 *
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