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Greencleaner is an organic plant wash/spray that kills insects, mites and, mildew. The product is 100% effective on all predators listed below and it's also 100% safe for humans to come in contact with. Greencleaner's mixture will leave your plants looking healthier and pest free. If you were to take a soil sample after greencleaner greencleaner plant wash was used, the ph levels would not be affected! Greencleaner organic pesticide / spider mite destroyer is the only product of its kind currently on the market. No other company sells a non poisonous pesticide that is guaranteed to kill mites and their eggs on contact.

Spray Green Cleaner on plants of every age, from clones through harvest. Unlike other products, spider mites do not get immune to Green Cleaner. Kills mites and their eggs. Washes powdery mildew right off the plant. All natural, you can even use Green Cleaner on the day of harvest.

  • Non Poisonous
  • GMO free
  • Plant wash
  • Pesticide

Green Cleaner is a concentrate

  • 2 oz makes 1 - 4 gallons
  • 8 oz makes 4 - 16 gallons
  • 32 oz makes 16 - 64 gallons

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