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Magic Green is a boost for mother plants, rooted and unrooted cuttings and growing plants. Magic Green is administered by means of sprays with a plant pump or a back-pack sprayer. It is absorbed directly by the leaves and gives plants back their dark green color and vitality. Magic Green is a gentle plant agent and works within two days.

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Magic Green

  1. What is Magic Green and what does it do?
    Magic Green is a foliar spray to increase vitality and ensure that the plants get what they need for a succesful vegetative and flowering period.
  2. When do I apply Magic Green?
    Always spray Magic Green when the lights are off to prevent burning.
  3. How often can Magic Green be used on mother plants?
    You can apply Magic Green to mother plants up to once a week with a weakened dose.
  4. What is the proper dose for Magic Green?
    The Proper dose for Magic Green is 5-10ml/gallon.
  5. What can happen if Magic Green is used too much?
    If Magic Green is used too much, it can prevent the root system from developing properly.

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