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Smart Pot Black 1 Gallon

The patented Smart Pot is a soft-sided, aeration container, uniquely designed to improve the root structure of your plants enabling them to grow to their full potential. Choosing the best pot for your plants is one of the most important components for successful container gardening. For more then twenty-five years the “Smart Pot” has consistently out performed all other growing containers in both commercial nurseries and university testing. 

These soft growing containers allow more air to reach the growing medium and roots, improving drainage and keeping the root system from overheating on hot days. Plant roots also benefit from their natural tendency to grow into soft surfaces like the Smart Pot, becoming thick and healthy instead of circling the inside of the pot and becoming root-bound. These pots are aeration containers allowing the air to prune the plant root structure for more lateral branching, increasing stability and the plant's ability to uptake water and nutrition.

Better than plastic containers - Hard-sided plastic containers are relatively inexpensive but they are not a very good home for a plant’s root structure. Plastic allows no aeration, conducts and holds heat, and provides inadequate or poor drainage.  Even on mildly sunny days, container soil temperatures can easily top 120 degrees, damaging or killing the roots and stressing the plant. The #1 killer of potted or container grown plants is over watering and plastic containers with a few bottom drainage holes actually help the soil stay too wet. A Smart Pot is constructed of a porous fabric that allows heat to dissipate and excess water to evaporate.  In fact, over-watering is never a problem because excess water drains and evaporates from all of the Smart Pot’s surfaces; its walls as well as its bottom.

Because the Smart Pot is a fabric container, giving the root ball total aeration and excellent drainage, you can even use a heavier, less expensive planting mix. The type of mix used in a Smart Pot is less critical then in hard-sided pots. Also, another Smart Pot benefit is root pruning, a technique used by many commercial nurseries to produce masses of highly branched roots to improve plant quality. When a root grows to the side of the Smart Pot, it stops growing in length and develops many, many fine branches.  By contrast, the roots in a plastic pot continue to grow in length when they reach the side and circle around the side of the pot.  This is undesirable as there are fewer roots and these can grow around each other causing girdling or strangulation. A branched, fibrous root structure (“root pruned”) has a far greater root mass than a comparable plant where the roots are circling on the inside of a plastic pot.  And a greater root mass will grow a better plant.

Better than ceramic and clay pots - Ceramic and clay pots are better for plant growing than plastic pots.  They provide somewhat better insulation keeping soil temperatures lower then plastic pots.  But ceramic and clay still provide inadequate drainage and do not encourage the best root systems. Both ceramic and clay pots are heavy and can easily break.  The Smart Pot is lightweight, inexpensive, doesn’t break if dropped or frozen and can be folded so it stores easily. The Smart Pot also “root prunes”. Ceramic and clay do not.

Better than raised beds - Raised beds are a great way to garden because they provide good drainage and cooler soil temperatures.

Roots grow naturally and have virtually all the room they need. But raised beds can be expensive, require labor to install and are stationary. Smart Pot’s are available in a variety of sizes and also provide an ideal growing environment. The larger size Smart Pots can grow all the plants found in raised beds, i.e. potatoes, watermelons, roses, trees, etc.   Roots grow naturally, like they do in a raised bed. But the Smart Pot is a total growing unit, construction materials don’t have to be purchased, no installation or building is necessary, and are much less expensive. Smart Pots can also be moved to different locations unlike stationary, raised beds. The Smart Pot is made of inert fabric and is completely safe for edible plants, while raised beds are sometimes made of treated lumber that may contain toxic chemicals.

Better than decorative containers - Decorative containers are just that – decorative. They are manufactured to look good and are not designed for optimum plant growth.  The Smart Pot is designed to promote the best plant growth.  It aerates, encourages masses of roots and prevents heat damage.  Many customers grow in Smart Pots, then place their plant into a decorative container.

 Air Pruning in Smart Pots

As roots grow in containers they eventually reach the container walls. In hard-sided containers, these roots, upon reaching the walls, start circling and continue to circle seeking a friendlier environment. Upon examination, these root systems exhibit a few strong roots growing in circles with very little branching, often are bound or girdled upon themselves and, depending on the type of plant, can produce a strong tap root growing through the containers bottom. These characteristics can hinder the plant's rate of growth and in some cases its chances of survival when transplanted.   Air Prune in Container gardens
container gardening Smart Pots are manufactured out of a custom, non-woven, polypropylene material.  Roots grown in a Smart Pot come in contact with the fuzzy, fabric inner wall of the bag and penetrate or grow into the fabric. The bag's tough fabric prevents the root's continued longitudinal growth, in effect pruning it, causing the root to develop masses of lateral fibrous roots. Upon comparison, root systems that developed in a Smart Pot have a much greater mass or volume then those found in hard-sided containers. Plants grown in Smart Pots have root balls that contain many more roots then found in a hard-sided container of similar size .

The fibrous root systems produced in Smart Pots are more efficient and enable plants to maximize water and nutrient uptake in the limited surrounding soil mass. 

Hydroponic Gardening in Smart Pots

Gardening indoors can be as fun and rewarding as gardening outside and can also be less of a headache. When you garden inside you bring everything to your plant: light, water, and food. Using a hydroponic system is one of the best methods to do this. When you garden using hydroponics you control everything. Your system delivers everything your plant needs so all your plants have to do is grow. When you’re indoors you’re in charge. 

Most gardeners who take the step to have a hydroponic system are taking gardening to the next level. They want bigger fruit, better fruit, and tastier fruit. This is achieved not just by setting up a hydroponic system but by setting up a good, quality hydroponic system.

Smart Pots Hydroponic Gardening

This is achieved by providing a good quality lighting system, good quality nutrients and additives and watching and maintain an ideal pH level for your particular plant. The hydroponic industry for a long time has done a great job in providing the hydroponic hobbyist a nice selection of good quality lighting, nutrients, additives, pH testers and balancers. But it has had a limited selection of containers. This meant that the gardener was forced to place their plant in a system that provides the best light, the best food, and an environment for optimal performance. However the container they had available for use was limited. Not anymore. 

The Smart Pot® is the perfect complement to any hydroponic enthusiasts’ system. The Smart Pot® provides an environment for the root system to allow it to do what the lights and nutrients are asking it to do. Most other containers don’t do this.  The fact is the Smart Pot is the Best container for gardening in a hydroponic system.  Here’s why:

  • The Smart Pot® is made of a porous fabric which allows water to flow freely while keeping medium inside – no more clogged hoses.
  • The Smart Pot® air prunes the roots which creates more roots through branching – more roots means more root tips and more opportunity for the plant to feed.
  • The Smart Pot® stimulates beneficial bacteria because of the aeration – beneficial’s need oxygen.
  • The Smart Pot® allows the plant to use all the space inside the container for root growth there for letting the plant grow bigger than traditional hydroponic containers would allow.
  • The Smart Pot® doesn’t allow roots to circle making it the ideal container for a mother plant.
  • The Smart Pot® releases heat help keeping the plant free from stress.

Providing the optimal lighting, high quality nutrients, and a properly balanced pH is something the hydroponic world has been doing for a long time. Now there is a container to complement these products. Give your plants what they want: room to grow, air to breathe, and an environment to thrive. Give your plants the Smart Pot®.

Ideal Smart Pots® for a hydroponic system are the #1 gallon, the #2 gallon, and the #3 gallon.

Smart Pot Gallon Size  Volume in Liters   Volume in Cubic Yards   Volume in Cubic Feet 
#1 (7" base x 6" tall) 3.8 0.005 0.13
#2 (8" base x 7" tall) 7.6 0.010 0.26
#3 (10" base x 7.5" tall) 11.6 0.015 0.39
#5 (12" base x 9.5" tall) 19.3 0.025 0.69
#7 (14" base x 9.5" tall) 26 0.035 0.94
#10 (16" base x 11.5" tall) 41 0.054 1.45
#15 (18" base x 13.5" tall) 60 0.079 2.14
#20 (20" base x 15.5" tall) 74 0.098 2.64
#25 (21" base x 15.5" tall) 93 0.122 3.31
#30 (24" base x 15.5" tall) 122 0.16 4.32
#45 (27" base x 18" tall) 168 0.22 5.97
#65 (32" base x 18" tall) 237 0.31 8.38
#100 (38" base x 20" tall) 371 0.49 13.1
#200 (50" base x 24" tall) 742 1.0 27.2


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